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Clearfield, LLC.

Opened August 20, 1999, as Soilex, Inc.; Clearfield specializes in the treatment and recycling of petroleum contaminated materials from some of the region's oil spills and other emergency response actions involving petroleum contaminated soils.  Located at the SPSA Regional Landfill; this facility allows SPSA to receive large volumes of soil that, once treated, may be used as alternate daily cover. What the partnership means to SPSA is additional material to cover landfilled waste versus SPSA solely using in-place virgin soils from our borrow area.

Bio Gas Energy Solutions, LLC.
Methane gases from the Regional Landfill are collected and reused to create electricity and power boilers. Bio Gas Energy Solutions owns and operates a facility located at the Regional Landfill site to manage the methane gas program for SPSA.
SPSA is paid royalties from the sale of the electricity to Dominion Virginia Power and for the sale of landfill gas to BASF, formerly Ciba Chemical.  Constructed in 2001, landfill gas is transmitted via a 2.3 mile low pressure pipeline to BASF on Wilroy Road in Suffolk, VA. The pipeline provides BASF with low-moisture methane as a boiler fuel source.


Additionally, the gas collection system keeps SPSA's Regional Landfill in compliance with air emission limits required under EPA's New Source Performance Standards of the Clean Air Act and creates enough electricity to power over 6,000 homes annually.

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