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SPSA Benefits Summary

As a SPSA employee you can take advantage of our comprehensive benefits available to all full-time. These benefits include:

• Health Insurance
• Dental Insurance
• Participation in the Virginia Retirement System
• Basic and Optional Life Insurance
• Employee Assistance Program

SPSA offers other benefits as well, such as annual and sick leave, paid holidays, uniforms, service awards, tuition reimbursement and many more.

Virginia Retirement System

All full-time SPSA employees are automatically enrolled as members of the Virginia Retirement System (VRS), with the cost shared between the employee and SPSA.

VRS is a defined benefit plan which provides monthly benefits for all vested, salaried employees who have retired. Each month that employee works and contributes to their plan they are earning service credit that counts toward their retirement benefit. Employees are vested after five years of credited service. Benefits can vary by plans and revisions that are passed by the General Assembly and signed into law.

Health Insurance

Health and dental insurance premiums for SPSA employees are deducted before taxes are calculated. This saves you between 27% and 53% on insurance premiums, depending on your tax bracket.

SPSA provides two choices for health insurance that include health, dental and vision. Or, if you have health insurance coverage through some other group plan (for instance, your spouse’s plan where he/she works or on TRICARE Prime) and you decide you do not want to be on any of SPSA’s health insurance at all, then you can receive an Opt-Out Credit.

Dental Insurance

SPSA offers one dental plan for those employees who are not enrolled in one of our health plans that includes dental, and vision.

Basic Life Insurance

VRS Basic Group Life Insurance is provided by Minnesota Life.  All full-time employees are automatically enrolled when they are hired, with the cost paid for by SPSA.  Basic Group Life Insurance is equal to the employee’s annual salary rounded to the next highest thousand, and then doubled.

Optional Life Insurance

In addition to the basic group life insurance of 2x annual salary, the Virginia Retirement System (VRS) also offers Optional Life Insurance. You can cover yourself for up to an additional 4 times your salary.
If you choose optional life insurance coverage for yourself, you can also cover your spouse and dependent children. The price of this insurance depends on your age and salary, the level of coverage you choose, and whether you cover only yourself or yourself and family members (cost of spouse’s coverage will depend on your salary and your spouse’s age).

Additional Benefits

SPSA offers other benefits such as:

          Short Term Disability

          Accident Indemnity

          Critical Care and Recovery

          Personal Cancer Indemnity

          Medical Flexible Spending Account

          Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

          Legal Resources

          457 Deferred Compensation Plan


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