C.W. “Luke” McCoy

C.W. “Luke” McCoy

Clarence W. McCoy is a graduate of Frederick College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Clarence, better known as C.W. “Luke McCoy” attended many seminars during his tenure with the City of Portsmouth, including Public Administration Class at O.D.U.

Mr. McCoy completed the Darden School for Executives. He was the Vice President and Sales Manager of the Tidy Corp. in Lynchburg, Va.

Mr. McCoy worked for the City of Portsmouth for 30 years holding numerous positions and retiring as the City manager in 2004.

He has since served on the Economic Development Authority and SPSA, where he is still a member. Mr. McCoy served on SPSA from 1995 -2004 at retirement.

Luke served as Chairman of the Trustees for the Portsmouth District of theUnited Methodist Church. He is currently serving as Property Chairman of New Creations United Methodist Church. He is very active in the community where he helps feed the homeless, has led Missions trips to Jamaica, the gulf coast and here in Virginia.

Mr. McCoy is currently retired and resides in Portsmouth Virginia with his wife Mimi. They have three children, Cathy Collier, Michael McCoy and Melisa McCreight and seven grand children.

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