What is not acceptable

Appliances containing Chlorinated Fluorocarbons (CFC’s) or other restricted chemicals
Hazardous wastes
Large animal carcasses
Slaughterhouse waste
Unapproved industrial process waste
Cable, wire, rope, etc over six feet in length
Rigid items over six feet in length
Closed drums
Unapproved loads of paint cans
Unapproved loads of drums
Material containing friable asbestos
PCB wastes
Regulated medical wastes
Lead acid batteries

The following types of waste are unacceptable at SPSA’s Transfer Stations, but may be accepted at the Regional Landfill. Some of these items may require prior approval. Please contact the Regional Landfill at 757-961-3683 to coordinate disposal prior to your arrival:

Animal carcasses
Dust (i.e. sawdust, sanding dust)
Industrial process waste (i.e. ash, contaminated soil, process residue)
Large tree trunks and stumps
Heavy construction rubble (i.e. large broken concrete, solid loads of earth, sand or gravel, timbers in excess of 4×4 and/or over six feet in length, re-bar and structural steel over six feet in length)
Automotive tires over four per load
Camper Trailers
Earthmover and agricultural equipment tires
Loads of paint cans
Loads of drums

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